This is the Only Wallet You Need

Predictions for the end of paper money and plastic cards in favor of a purely digital revolution have been rampant every year. Perhaps more than ever in 2020. However, until a universally excepted system becomes available and secure, people will feel most confident with their wallets handy in their pockets.

The four biggest issues with wallets are convenience, style, comfort, and health. Not surprisingly, all these issues intermingle with each other. Unless you put something in the opposite pocket, a wallet in your back pocket will not only be uncomfortable but bad for your back as well. Of course, there’s nothing stylish about an awkward bump in your back pocket. One solution is to place the wallet in a purse or bag, but having to open something else before opening your wallet screams inconvenience.

You could avoid all that hassle by placing the wallet in your front pocket, but the squared shape would create an awkward positioning in your rounded sewn pocket. This has led to more than a few nerve inducing incidents where our wallets just fell out of our pockets while sitting. We all know square pegs aren’t meant for round holes. So how do we solve it?

The good news is somebody already solved it for us.

Enter: Rogue Industries with what is possibly the last wallet you’ll ever need until the digital revolution.

This front pocket wallet opted out of the pure rectangle shape in favor of a design specifically for the cut of your front pants pocket. The founder of Rogue Industries, Michael Lyons, holds two patents on this brilliant design.

There are numerous styles to choose from. We’re partial to anything that has the often ignored picture ID slot. 

Unless they somehow make this wallet more compact, I suspect we’ll be carrying our current Rogue Industries wallet until the digital revolution deems our physical wallets unnecessary.

Purchase at Rogue Industries

Our golden team has collectively put on their crowns to produce sweet content for you.


Our golden team has collectively put on their crowns to produce sweet content for you.

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