These Are The Best Fragrances to Wear this Fall

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With what feels like one of the hottest summers in my life, I’ve been ready to move onto fall for some time. Not just for the cooler fall temperatures, or the anticipation of the upcoming holidays, but for the fall fragrances. These are the scents that I’ll be adding to my fall fragrance rotation as they truly shine in the fall.

Noir Extreme Parfum by Tom Ford

Taking one of the best Tom Ford fragrances ever made with sweet kulfi, roasted vanilla, and powdery amber, plus adding a mix of smooth leather and suede almost makes me wonder if this is better than the original. Perhaps. But I think they’re both gorgeous scents that deserve a wear. Noir Extreme Parfum being the one between the two that will shine like a star in the fall.

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Established Cognac 66 by Krigler

A gorgeous creamy and syrupy caramel is poured over oak wood creating a sweet woodsy blend. This is followed by a pouring of rich, luxurious cognac soaking the sweet woods for a mix that inspires charm and a little bit of mischief.

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L’Homme Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

Building off the foundations of the original L’Homme with shades of its most popular sequel La Nuit de L’Homme, Eau de Parfum is warm, spicy, and sensual. A boozy bitter orange layered over oakwood makes this the head turner of the season.

Purchase at Sephora

Noble Oud Spirits by 18.21 Man Made

With rich woods, textured oud, and lively bergamot, Noble Oud Spirits is just as much for going on wild adventures as it is for dressing stylishly in a business suit for a day at work.

Purchase at 18.21 Man Made

Eau Rihla by Diptyque

Luxurious leather is accented by a subtly sweet raspberry and an alluringly airy iris, creating a mysteriously seductive scent for breezy fall nights. It’s long lasting, has depth, and wears really well on those special occasions.

Purchase at Neiman Marcus

Show Me Love by Escada

The juicy blueberry and floral jasmine might make you think you’re getting yet another fruity floral, but when a sweet macaroon accord enters, the jasmine gets pushed to the background and the scent transforms into a gorgeous blueberry macaroon. 

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New Orleans by City Rhythm

Inspired by the birthplace of jazz and one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, this is a sweet and spicy scent, heavy on the spices. A prominent praline accord is present from start to finish, with a dry down soaked in booze making for perhaps the most intoxicating scent from City Rhythm yet.

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Black Opium Illicit Green by Yves Saint Laurent

Notes of coffee and vanilla are highlighted with a whole fig. From the sweet edible center to the green leaf. More candied than coffee, Illicit Green is another delicious sequel to the highly beloved Black Opium franchise. 

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Antiqua by Antiqua Firenze

Basil, sandalwood, and vetiver bring out aromatic woods that feel like walking in the park right in the midst of autumn. Earthy, spicy, warm, and inviting.

Purchase at D’or Prestige

Alien Goddess Intense Eau de Parfum by Mugler

Opening with calabrian bergamot and bourbon vanilla creates a sweet green accord. Jasmine and coconut appear turning this scent into an alluringly creamy concoction to be adored.

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Hero Eau de Parfum by Burberry

The original Hero made for a solid signature scent or even worked well in the office, but the Eau de Parfum goes darker and sweeter, with more pronounced woods, while still playing with the orange like accord of its predecessor.

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Libre Le Parfum

This opens with a playful candied grape accord that is a surprising but welcoming experience. After hours of pure grape candy, creamy notes of vanilla and honey begin to travel to the forefront transforming the scent into an inviting, mysterious sensually seductive encounter.

Purchase at Ulta Beauty

Paradoxe by Prada

This fruity floral fragrance leans fruity with notes of pear and mandarin, highlighted by orange blossom. It makes for a youthful, flirty, playful scent that glimmers with confidence.

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Defy Eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein

While the original Defy fulfilled the need for the world’s return to the office, the new Eau de Parfum is ideal for the after work special. It’s spicier, smokier, and continues to defy my expectations.

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Daisy Ever So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

With the Daisy collection, Marc Jacobs has established its status as a leader of fruity florals and Ever So Fresh might be the fruitiest fruity floral of them all. Succulent mango and mandarin beam over a light texture of orange blossom smoothed out by cashmere woods.  

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Devil’s Garden by Fulton & Roark

Haitian Vetiver root is the star here, while subtle spicy cardamom floats through. All this is ultimately enveloped in a cloud of smoky incense. A dry airy experience that is sophisticated, brooding, and mysterious.

Purchase at Fulton & Roark

Invictus Platinum by Paco Rabanne

After a series of hit day and night out releases, Invictus takes an office ready turn just in time for fall. Opening with notes of absinthe and grapefruit with the boldly sweet, fresh spicy vibes the franchise is known for. The sweetness quickly fades to the background as lavender, oakmoss, mint, and patchouli move forward making it suitable for those that love Invictus but need something with an extra dose of sophistication.

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Armani Code Parfum by Giorgio Armani

Based on the iconic original, Armani Code Parfum takes the beloved original concoction and enhances it into a more powerful but smoother potion. With the original being classified as date night sexy, it would be fair to consider this new iteration to be a late night sensual seduction.

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Candy Corn by Makin’ Scents

It’s estimated that 9 billion pieces of candy corn are produced every year. In other words, people love this Halloween favorite treat. I’ve always wanted someone to capture the essence of candy corn in a fragrance and Makin’ Scents has done it. Candy Corn smells like freshly baked vanilla cookies topped with candy corn. Halloween season will never be the same.

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Eternity for Men Parfum by Calvin Klein

With numerous sequels and spinoffs, Eternity is one of the longest running fragrance franchises in history. Even still they continue to create worthy releases. The new Parfum takes Eternity in a unique direction that stands apart from previous iterations in the best way possible. Boozy rhum extract and vanilla absolute steal the show for a sensory experience made for fall.

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These are some of the best of the best fragrances to choose to wear this fall. With so many options to choose from, anyone from all walks of life will be able to find the right scents to add to their fragrance wardrobe.


Having dedicated over a decade of his life to the psychology of scent, "the voice of fragrance" joined Pinappos with the express purpose of sharing his passion for perfume from a unique perspective. During this psychological journey, he has quietly built a reputation as one of the world's foremost fragrance connoisseurs.


Having dedicated over a decade of his life to the psychology of scent, "the voice of fragrance" joined Pinappos with the express purpose of sharing his passion for perfume from a unique perspective. During this psychological journey, he has quietly built a reputation as one of the world's foremost fragrance connoisseurs.

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